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For our Families

Parents kissng the Newborn

We Know the Industry: Our founder and team are former seasoned nannies. We know best...of all things nanny. From important industry standards to matching you with someone who will fit into your household seamlessly, we will set you and your nanny up for success.

Why We're Different
Nanny playing blocks with the kids

We Are Selective:  We have been in the industry for years and along the way have developed a network of the best nannies the city has to offer. We work with caregivers that consider being a nanny their true calling and who will treat your children as if they were their own. 

Nanny dancing with little girl

          We Save You Time

We know you are busy. We work very hard on your behalf, so you don't have to. We make this process as seamless and organized as we can. See Our Process below for more on this. 

 We know through experience what is important in a strong nanny/family relationship, and we will work together to help set you up for success to create this. 

Our Process

We connect

We invite you to fill out an application. (Click Below) 

Next, we'll connect on the phone and get to know each other. We'll discuss your family's needs and walk you through our process and what we provide. 

we present

Based on your needs, candidates will be handpicked from our network who we feel would be suitable fits for your family. 

We send over their profiles and resumes, and you let us know who you are excited about!

Meet and Interview

We coordinate and schedule all interviews with your favorite candidates via Video Chat. If you love them as much as we think you will, an in-person meeting will come next. 

Trial & hire

When you've found your dream nanny, we'll help set up a trial period where you can see them shine in action and make your final decision. We'll help you determine and write up a contract agreement for you and your nanny, everyone signs and your new journey with your nanny begins! 


Full-Time/Part-Time Nannies


Our full-time nannies work 40 or more hours per week for full coverage care. 

These professionals have years of experience working in homes and caring for children. They adapt to your home and family life with ease and are ready to make life easier for parents and to enhance the lives of the children they work with! 



To hire a nanny on a part-time basis means you need a nanny to work less than 40 hours a week. Our part-time nannies are also permanent placements and are with you for the long haul! Whether you’re looking for someone for after-school care or mornings with your little so you can have some personal time, we have excellent part-time caregivers ready to grow with you.

Newborn Care Specialist

Newborn Care Specialists are highly qualified caregivers who have chosen to follow their calling to specialize and work exclusively with newborns. They are truly an asset to have during this special experience in your life. These specialists are trained and certified in specific courses on infant care. Their years of experience with infants will guide your baby toward a steady sleeping and feeding schedule and give you the relief you need so you can catch up on rest during the night.

Baby Stretches
Playing with Baby

On-Call Nannies

Need a nanny last-minute? Or perhaps to cover your regular nanny’s vacation? We place on-call nannies for last-minute or per diem bookings. Our caregivers are asked back again and again because of their reliability and the excellent rapport they create with children and families.

Weekend Nanny

Weekends with children mean birthdays, travel, and other activities and can be the busiest time of the week. When you need some me time or an extra set of hands, you may want to hire a regular weekend nanny. We have incredible nannies we place for weekend roles. 

Feeding the Toddler
Playing in Sand

Travel Nanny

Let’s be real, sometimes when we travel with children, we need a vacation from that vacation. If you’d like some time with your spouse or much needed you time, we have the solution to what you never knew you needed…a Travel Nanny! Our travel nannies are passport-ready, have the stamina and energy needed to entertain your little ones all while keeping them safe on your vacation. 

Please take the time to fill out our Family Application thoroughly so that Nanny Knows Best can connect you to the best nanny possible for your family needs. 
Which Services are you interested in? Choose all that apply:
What days and times do you need care?

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

Family Application
Our Talent

Meet our incredible nannies! We are proud to present a few of our top nannies that we have placed to give you an idea of the talent we represent. 

Meet Lara!

Lara is an active, loving and patient Nanny and former Pre-K Assistant teacher. From providing nanny care to infants and toddlers to being a mother to college aged children. Lara can differentiate her care for any age group. She loves to do art projects and work on reading skills with the children in her care. 

Meet Rahelly!

Rahelly is a dynamic, reliable caregiver and one of our top temp Nannies. She loves to stay active with the littles and provide fun daytime adventures. She obtained a Bachelors Degree in Speech Pathology, minoring in Early Childhood education, enhancing the skills she provides to her positions. 


Meet Sean!

Sean is one of our beloved Nannies. He is responsible, clever and so present with the children he cares for. Our Founder Holly used to have playdates with him and saw firsthand what a gift Sean is to children. With a degree in Musical theater and a professional singer, he brings his creative and playful nature to all of his positions. 


Meet Glene!

Glene is one of our in-demand Infant Care Specialist. She is very professional and extra attentive to the infants in her care. She's worked with celebrities and has a great reputation. She is a proud US. Citizen and born and raised in the Philippines. She's passionate about what she does and is honored to work with and guide babies towards healthy habits. 


Meet Jocelyn! 

Jocelyn has been a Nanny for over 25 years, since she first came to the US from Grenada. She has worked with twin infants and was with one of her families for over a decade. She loves all ages but has a special talent working with infants and babies. She loves to guide those under 1 year old towards the important milestones by providing scaffold learning through play. She has a heart of gold and is that Unicorn Nanny a family is looking for. 

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